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This site is for the practical mystic in all of us, the one who believes that prayer is a verb, so powerful that it can help change the world. Such a mystic is moved to communion with God, the higher power, when all is well and when it is not. We are practical because we don’t cave in to chaos, fear, torment, villainy or threat. Nor do we cede our place as a spark of the divine with it’s birthright of communion with the divine. We stay centered, become informed, get involved and pray that we may be worthy channels for grace. As we pray we also call to the mighty Archangels to help us, the planet and all life.  In the name of God, we call for divine guidance and intercession and for this Grace to be within us, and around all, at all times.

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The website began this framework of personal and spiritual service through prayer and decrees with the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico following s blowout on April 20, 2010 and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011. These events, among many others, while carrying major social and spiritual challenges also inspired new opportunities for invigorated, resourceful and disciplined spiritual practice into topics with subtle implications into critical issues that have come to the front more recently. Therefore, this "Archangel Michael Help Us" page is about using intercessory prayer, as applied in the Science of  the Spoken Word (decrees and calls: a synthesis of Western silent/focused prayer and Eastern chanting/mantras) with elevated rigor, some brainstorming and much loving kindness. INSIDE: decrees/prayers,visualization  strategies inspired by him, links to get you startedby focusing your attention on various issues and orientation to the spiritual work involved so that you can quickly "Make the Difference”. Start by PUTTING ON THE ARMOR OF GOD.

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Library – EMF Warriors

Putting on the Armor of God (Visualize as you say this)

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below, Lord Michael in the center of my heart, Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go, I AM his love protecting here, I AM his love protecting here, I AM his love protecting here.

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